flamingo trend


well… i know that some of you are tired about the flamingo trend, but i am here to change your mind!

i’m not talking about a real flamingo or an inflatable flamingo! i’m talking about a black polka dot dress with little flamingos on it!

yes, we are here to talk about a dress!

it’s a just above knee shirt dress with a black bow, which i chose to wear it with black mules. and then i wondered.. what’s more fashionable than wearing mules with socks?!?! so, i picked a pair of black transparent socks with fuchsia roses.

extra stylish details; a leather belt and my favourite cat-eye sunglasses.

p.s. i guess there wouldn’t be a better location than a beach with rocks to photoshoot this outfit.


Dress: Estante Fashion 


Mules: Arte Piedi


Sunglasses : Ojo Sunglasses



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