beach style


summer vacations! two words but so many feelings!

i spent mine on a magical place, which called Gialova, a village in the regional unit of Messenia in the south-west Peloponnese, Greece.

i was at the beach every day for so many hours and i was grateful for that!

but even though i was on vacations, i wanted to be stylish! and what’s better than a multicolored monokini and a matching long head scarf tied like a turban with a top knot, combined with big silver hoop earrings, several silver rings and cat-eye sunglasses?!?!

i think this look, which is a mix of ethnic and bohemian style, is totally perfect for beach days and vacation days generally.



Swimsuit: Sun.Set.Go! (previous collection)

Sunglasses : Ojo Sunglasses