embrace your weirdness


embrace youself..your weirdness..your own unique style!

that’s what i do!

and here i am, wearing my lovely black fishnet long sleeved dress and posing on a roof with a new haircut and feeling absolutely myself!

let’s start at the beggining! as i said i have a new haircut and i am happy about it, ’cause it’s so stylish and i love it more and more everyday. also i love fishnet dresses, so when i saw this black fishnet dress i couldn’t resist.

there are so many ways to wear a fishnet dress. one of them is to wear it with a black oversized dress, my rounded sunglasses, my black transparent socks from the previous post and a pair of classic white converse.

feeling so grunge with this combo!

over my black dresses i pick to wear a white denim jacket because it’s october and i need it. 

well.. that’s it! that’s me!

enjoy the view!


Haircut: Rock ‘n Rolla Str. https://www.facebook.com/rocknrollastre/?ref=br_rs

Fishnet Dress / Oversized Dress: ZARA https://www.zara.com/gr/

Jacket: ICON https://www.facebook.com/iconclothingtrade/

Sunglasses: Pull & Bear https://www.pullandbear.com/gr/

Shoes: Converse http://converse.gr/



flamingo trend


well… i know that some of you are tired about the flamingo trend, but i am here to change your mind!

i’m not talking about a real flamingo or an inflatable flamingo! i’m talking about a black polka dot dress with little flamingos on it!

yes, we are here to talk about a dress!

it’s a just above knee shirt dress with a black bow, which i chose to wear it with black mules. and then i wondered.. what’s more fashionable than wearing mules with socks?!?! so, i picked a pair of black transparent socks with fuchsia roses.

extra stylish details; a leather belt and my favourite cat-eye sunglasses.

p.s. i guess there wouldn’t be a better location than a beach with rocks to photoshoot this outfit.


Dress: Estante Fashion 


Mules: Arte Piedi


Sunglasses : Ojo Sunglasses



swimsuit out of the water


well..i think that i am obsessed about wearing swimsuit as a top. i love it and i am doing it all the time.

there are so many beautiful swimsuits and it’s so pity to wear them only at the beach. but be carefull! you have to do it right! 

if you want to look sexy but also chic and if it’s so hot out there to wear mom-fit jeans, i can give you another stylish idea.

so in this case, i chose to wear the sexiest black swimsuit – made by my dear friend Stacy – combined with multicolored wide trousers.

extra tip: don’t forget the shoes! choose between a pair of classic white converse for your morning walk or a pair of black mules if you want to go for a drink.



Swimsuit, Trousers: Theron Boutique



Photographer : Annita Spithaki



show me the details


i am sure that you know the phrase “it’s all in the details”. well…indeed.

and in this blog post by details i mean jewerelly.

put your metals on and i can ensure you that you will feel great in a moment.

choose from earrings, bracelets, rings. put them separately or some of them together, to express a little bit of your bohemian spirit.

tip: wear a monochrome t-shirt, your high-waisted jeans and let those beautiful details to steal the show.



Jewellery: Wohpe Jewelry



Photographer : Annita Spithaki





streetstyle by a modern princess


it was the first time Annita and i met…and i knew that it would be a creative morning, cause she had a beautiful smile and a magic energy!

we thought it would be nice to make a street style photoshooting.

my outfit was casual with athletic vibes but also girly.

to complete this look i suggest you to wear an oversized athletic crop top with a denim skirt, a pair of red sandals and of, course fishnet socks!
don’t forget your eye-cat sunglasses and a red lipstick!



Crop top, Skirt : Theron Boutique


Shoes : Tsakiris Malas


Sunglasses : Ojo Sunglasses



Photographer : Annita Spithaki