beach style


summer vacations! two words but so many feelings!

i spent mine on a magical place, which called Gialova, a village in the regional unit of Messenia in the south-west Peloponnese, Greece.

i was at the beach every day for so many hours and i was grateful for that!

but even though i was on vacations, i wanted to be stylish! and what’s better than a multicolored monokini and a matching long head scarf tied like a turban with a top knot, combined with big silver hoop earrings, several silver rings and cat-eye sunglasses?!?!

i think this look, which is a mix of ethnic and bohemian style, is totally perfect for beach days and vacation days generally.



Swimsuit: Sun.Set.Go! (previous collection)

Sunglasses : Ojo Sunglasses


swimsuit out of the water


well..i think that i am obsessed about wearing swimsuit as a top. i love it and i am doing it all the time.

there are so many beautiful swimsuits and it’s so pity to wear them only at the beach. but be carefull! you have to do it right! 

if you want to look sexy but also chic and if it’s so hot out there to wear mom-fit jeans, i can give you another stylish idea.

so in this case, i chose to wear the sexiest black swimsuit – made by my dear friend Stacy – combined with multicolored wide trousers.

extra tip: don’t forget the shoes! choose between a pair of classic white converse for your morning walk or a pair of black mules if you want to go for a drink.



Swimsuit, Trousers: Theron Boutique


Photographer : Annita Spithaki